Electronic Media

At the end of the nineteenth century, newspapers were the main pubic sources of information. At the end of the twentieth century, we still have newspapers, but they are no longer the main sources of information. Nowadays, we have the electronic media: the internet, radio, and television.
The electronic media link Indonesia to the rest of the world. The electronic media makes us part of the global village. If we want to find out what is happening in Europe or the United States, we can listen to satellite TV stations, such as, the BBC or CNN. We can find out what normal people in many countries think by going on the internet. There we can talk in English to people from all over the world.
In the twenty-first century, the internet will be the most important source of information. Even now there is so much information on the internet. Soon people will not buy newspapers from kiosk anymore. They will read electronic newspapers on the internet. All television channels will be on the internet. If you get tired of watching TVRI, you will be able to switch to a New York channel or a channel from South Africa or Egypt.

(Taken from English for Communication SMP 3)