Marriage in Lombok

Young Sasak couples have a choice of different ways of getting married. The first is an arranged marriage. The parents of the man arrange that he will marry a particular girl. Another way is to marry a cousin. Both of these ways are simple and easy. The parents discuss the bride’s dowry (mas kawin). When all the arrangements are finished, the ceremony, sorong serah, is performed.
The next method is more difficult and dramatic. In this method the man runs away with the girl of his choice to another village. He then reports his action to the head of that village (Kepala Desa). He is punished for his wrong action and has to wear a piece of black cotton around his arm. Finally his family has to pay a price to the bride’s family as compensation (ganti rugi).
One advantage of the last method is that there is no wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremonies, as we know, are very expensive.

(Taken from English for Communication SMP 3)