What is a computer?

A computer is an electric machine used to make a human’s work easier.
What do computers do?
Computers are designed to do many things. Among these is the ability to play games – not much to an adult but to a child these are quite exciting and fascinating. It can also do both simple and complicated arithmetic. Computers can also do word processing. This means that the computer helps to decide what a piece of writing will look like. If the computer has a printer attached then it can also feed information to the printer which will then print out the information on to paper.
Types of computers
There are many types of computers not to mention the numbers of brands and models. The three main types of computers are: mainframe computers, micro-computers, and mini-computers.
Mainframe computers
Mainframe computers are very large computers that are stacked up on frames. They usually have many input and output terminals (keyboards and monitors). They are sometimes stacked up in the middle of a room although they are usually stacked up against the walls of a room.
Micro-computers are the most common type of computers. These computers run on a micro-chip. They can only hold one input and output terminal plus a printer.
Mini-computers run on a mini-chip. They can do a lot of things that micro-chip can’t. For instance, they can support many input and output terminals. They are also a lot faster than a micro-computer.