Because of its size and strength, a panda is a potentially frightful and awesome beast. But its clumsy and uncoordinated ways make it an awkward and defensive creature. It fumbles along, pigeon-toed, in an ungraceful, diagonal walk. It is rarely urged from this lumbering pace. Only a young panda, or a panda in desperate flight, will venture to climb a tree. And once it has reached the top, it becomes an even greater task to get down.
Despite its aloof manner and clumsiness, the giant panda has won a reputation as a loving and adorable creature. With its big, furry head, gentle, flat face, and dark-ringed, sad-eyes, the giant panda is irresistible. Its lopsided movements and its timidity have endeared it to countless friends and admirers at zoos around the world.

(Adapted from Lado English Series No. 6)